What’s this about?

 Tesseract is a collective of creative students who came together under the common ambition of using creativity for humanity. You can keep up with us and get involved over at tesseract.org.uk.

The competitions are based on real issues around the world and our hope is that you will be encouraged to research a bit and engage positively with humanitarian issues. These competitions aren’t about producing polished or even realistic design solutions; they’re about getting involved creatively with problems that are affecting real lives around the world, and exploring the role we can play in those situations.

These competitions are making a difference in themselves- out of the £4 entry a proportion of your entry money goes to a charity connected to the competition, and another part helps us with our fundraising efforts.

Maybe some of the ideas you come up with can be developed and even implemented, and we would love to see that happen and try to facilitate that. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see student inspired projects springing up in the most adverse environments around the world, making positive change even while we are still students?

We want to use our creativity to provide a better tomorrow, and that can start now.

The small print:

We would like to be able to publish your entries, and so by entering our competitions you give us permission to do that. We will always credit you if we publish your entry, in the future some of these entries might be included in books, web, or our publicity in various forms.

Everything submitted to us will be under a creative commons licence to protect the future use of the work. You remain creditted with your work. See the link below for full details of this license.

Any questions- just email us!


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