Trash to Treasure Shortlist

Below are the shortlisted entries from the “Trash to Treasure” competition. It was exciting to see a variety of approaches, and entries that were already being prototyped- we love seeing how students and designers are getting proactive and just trying things out!

Here is the brief again, just to give you a quick idea of what we were looking for when we chose these 7 entries:

We are asking you to design something beautiful and useful that uses material that are otherwise thrown away. How can your design change people’s attitude towards what is rubbish, and what we waste? We are looking for a creative and imaginative response, where new and innovative uses are found for items which are considered worthless. Being able to design using wasted materials can transform communities who have barely anything, so we would love to see your ideas, however crazy they might be.

The winner will be announced shortly, in the meantime please feel free to comment on the proposals, these competitions are all about generating thoughts and discussion, so go for it!

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2 Responses to “Trash to Treasure Shortlist”
  1. marina says:

    I love the No waste from waste idea. How clever! It’s cheap and has a lot of potential for a range of installations.

  2. Amelie Marks says:

    All very interesting and thought provoking.

    If it’s meant to be a cheap installation, we like the patchwork coop. It’s fun and colorful.

    It is supposed to be an ARCHITECTURAL response? If so, the Toilet one is great. Surprisingly beautiful.

    The trash is smart seats are formally very appealing, but expensive to produce and what more are they than just seats?


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