Facing the Floods Shortlist

Our Facing the Floods competition has now closed, and it was fantastic to see so many diverse, interesting and thoughtful ideas. Again, short-listing has been hard, but below are 7 of the entries we thought deserved special mention at this stage.

The winner will be announced shortly.

In the meantime, please feel free to comment on the proposals, these competitions are all about generating thoughts and discussion, so go for it!

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5 Responses to “Facing the Floods Shortlist”
  1. Ingeborg says:

    Floating shelter:

    Although I can see some obvious technical difficulties with this proposal, I really enjoy it.
    The need for personal belongings to be protected has also been addressed which I think is an important aspect.

  2. Flavio says:

    They are all interesting and useful ideas. Some personal thoughts.

    The idea presented in Floating Shelter, and Walkabout Flooding is somehow original, but I think it doesn’t take into consideration some dangerous aspects. People would hardly have control over such balls, and this would be particularly dangerous if the flood is still active. The balls could actually become traps or get easily destroyed. It could be complicated to help old people and children. Floating shelter has a clear presentation.

    S.O.S. introduces a useful system, but it should be deepened more. Moving from one building to the other is certainly useful, but it is not enough. A final decisive way to escape the flood is still needed. Also, building such connections within the walls of the buildings may not always be feasible, or not feasible enough to create enough connections.

    QRBT is also interesting but in an early stage. You shouldn’t expect each inhabitant to have his own balloon which also requires time and skills to be prepared. Certainly unusable by old people and children. Imagine the entire village/city trying to leave with their balloons at the same time :-)

    Baqrge Bazaar and ArthroPod have the following drawbacks. They both expensive, time-consuming, and require technological skills that may not be available in certain areas, and this is even more true if you want to scale such solutions for an entire city. Also, the main problem would be how to reach such escaping solutions?
    You would first need a connection system as in the other solutions. Finally, I fear again the mortal trap issue. Who is going to control such devices, and who is going to decide how many people fit in it.

    Finally, the last proposal: The Noah’s “Box” even though not perfect, is definitely the solution that finds the best compromise between efficacy and feasibility. It complements the other solutions by providing connections + safe are + escape solution. It attracted my attention because of its simplicity. It takes advantage of the environment elements and it is relatively easy to build and maintain. They could have worked maybe some more on the originality, but I think that efficacy and feasibility come first.

    Good work everybody.

  3. PeteN says:

    Think all the ideas are fantastic. Well done all.

    Particularly impressed with Noah’s Box and Barge Bazaar – two very different designs (presumably) addressing two different impacts of flooding. Noah’s Boax looks more at the immediate impact of extreme flooding whilst the Bazaar looks at a more long-term solution. Both work with the environmet, not against it. The Box would be suitbale for smaller and large communities, and the floating market could be scaled to the size of the vessel it inhabits. One provides escape, which woud be particularly easy for the old and young, the other protection of livelihood. Both very interesting and worth a mention.

  4. William K. says:

    Some very interesting and impressive entries here. I find it hard to not be seduced by the stronger graphics- which particularly draws me to the QRBT design. It really captures the ferocity that floods can have, and in response to Flavio; I particularly love the idea of an entire village leaving with their balloons at the same time!

    It isn’t perfect or entirely practical, but it does address the desperation and possible suddenness of extreme flooding.

    The floating balls shelter is also nice I think- again lacking in certain practicalities, but I really appreciate the sense of fun attached to them, and the simplicity of the concept. If the water’s were calm, I would love to spend my time in one of them!

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